Why I started this blog andRalstonChinaVisions

Why? A great word explained

Why I started this blog and called it ralstonchinavisions
well recently I created a website called ralstononlineservices.com

I created a new website and called it http://www.ralstononlineservices.com  I had recently purchased a button making equipment, some call them pins. And wanted to market the pins on the web so created a site to promote my new business,at that point I had to select12 businesses to have on the site. they had me select 120 affiliates band finally down to the final 12. I was then I came in contact with China Visions, an scanned there site, it was like
Alibabas site except it offered a great program called fulfillment.
All I had to do is bring them customers and they would do all the work and package the products and ship then to the customers.

i had a beautiful site but I did not know how to get traffic to it.

A friend said built 2 things

1.) a Facebookpages so I did and called it http://www.facebook.com/Chinavisions

2.) was to create a wordpress blog and tell the people all about this fantastic site on my new site.

3.) invite people to go to the new site and check out the stores and chinavisions  link in it.

4.) also get them familiar with the future and expose them to GRAPHENE. Just take a few seconds and Google the word. A quick note

a) graphene is stronger then steel and thiner then a human hair and more conductive then cooper. Soon with in 17p months  everything you touch wear or use will be made of GRAPHENE. When your on http://ralstononlineservices.com Take a bit more time and click the link

ralston graphenemarketing to learn more.

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