Man rescued birds from Offer Up

Man rescued birds from Offer Up, and you will love this blog. I have been posting things on a social media app called #OfferUp for about 6 months. Not just my stuff but trying to help neighbors that had a couch and a few statues. I was looking and not thinking , what can I post to get a few extra dollars. A friend said  look around and see what you dont need anymore, post them. Without thinking I said I’ll try to get rid of things that take a daily update. That was when a Bird Bath that’s been out and all dirty from winter.

And I posted it for $35.00 figuring it’s worth that we paid close to $100 for it years ago. And I got responses  but no one ever came to pick it up and wanted it for 15 or even 10 dollars. In a conversation  with a new neighbor he said have you thought about the birds. How they clean up and refresh them selves and how when you have  bread you no longer want you can put a plate and feed them. He then reached in his wallet and took out crisp $10.00 bill and said”I’m buying this for all the birds in the World” you just keep water in it and stale bread. When He did that I had to post a blog about it.

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Well I have decided to upgrade my blog. I have been since the first time I started to feed the  birds, just a few don’t know where they stay so close. As soon as I go outside with bread and water  it seems that bird large and small come to the golden birdbath. I will try to photograph some of there meetings as I watch them eat. 

Well it’s so much fun watching them

I have never been a bird watcher  but I’m going to start to video them. If you would like to follow there adventures let me know I’ll send you the videos I shoot. 

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Charity. Starts at home


Charity starts at home !

Well here I am blogging and now it’s getting more personal. First let me tell you oil quick story.  Searching to learn about new social networks I spotted a program called Skype. And 3 years ago a girl came on an said she was an orphan. Lost her mom and dad in car crash and while living with her grandmother , she got ill and just before padding away said to her , go find a man on the web and take  this gift with you an start a new life  helping others  At that time she never explained what the gift was.

Later over the years it ended up to be should I say 25 kt and circumstances  over the years and a lot of funding , finally changed from gold to cash. she was going to purchase as coco farm from a man she called. UncleGeorge who was the director of farming In Ghana He worked very hard set her up with a lawyer  who contacted a gold buyer and all her inheritance  was cashed. that was when I entered the arena. Again I’m cutting lots of this story in small parts as I fount have lots of room.  Now even with my advice  and lots of prayers  she insisted in putting the whole inheritance of 25kt in my nam. I have never experienced anything like what’s happening.  As soon as she did  a business of Ghana government  titled WAMF  as soon as the money was transfered to my account, they. Put a freeze on it. So now she rich but can have access to her inheritance. So uncle George went to a coil ple  for friends  started to raise the money  he started to get sick and over  f1 year  was down a few  Tim a vey I’ll.  The Buyer Larryb cane in town and offered the 5-15 thousand. But either wayn

They had to come up with 5000 more then his to total the 30,000  but as all  things must end good. For his last minutes they could not get the 5,000 that when I started to read about  Go fund me  and we then only needEd  5,00o  more and last minute he jumped ship now we need  20 thousand. As they got pledges in big 8,000 and 2,000 so now we’re back to jup onev  do read what they road. And see, you soon.

today is another day and good and bad things start to happen, not going into details. Well the Go Fund me was put in place and started to show views, but no donations yet. That’s when dought starts to arrive, is this going to work? And am I waisting my time. Well that’s when I looked back to all the people it has helped overcome their financial dificulty.

I was about to publish when I started to think what will my friends in social media think about this? I guess it’s like the first time I posted a photo of myself on Facebook or Twitter. At first the though was I could have taken a better picture, or   This I’d not the right lighting and all other questions in my mind , it’s called fear of the unknown. What I learned when I first decided to post a blog , was write it even if it’s not perfect then push the button that says Publish. There now it’s out there and you might have lots of errors or mistakes but Great you did it.

Now back to my post about Nancy George and the coco farm and money tied up through government santations.

Nowthe site blog post is called   http://www.ralstonschinavisions.wordpress.irgsons

so what am I reading about Go fund me? Well is all about understanding a blog post  and how it can help you it’s reader get a better deal on a product on line or helping someone in need. Bringing yo back to the title   charity stats at home.

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It’s all about you

When I first started in all this I was trying to have a way to meet new friends on social media. It was Called MySpace I think but later started to have many names as people started to create new things called apps. thousands it said on ads I saw on tv about IPhone , so I decided to get one  that turned out to be like a mini computer.

Below you can see my experiences with computers since my first called a Timex. It’s somewhere on this blog, well I have been active in b publishing since 1980,s.  I first did an 8/12 by 11 flyer and then sold ads on it called thePEOPLE to PEOPLE SHUTTLE.

I will tell you more later in my blog , so now I have Family Business to take care of.


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Is Graphene our next future Gold or Diamonds?

Aug 21, 2016GRAPHENE For Investment Purposes

You might’ve seen graphene in the news lately because of the incredible advances it’s bringing about in the medical field, the energy sector, defense, and so on.

And here’s why: It’s 200 times stronger than steel, thinner than a sheet of paper, and more conductive than copper.

Researchers at the UK’s University of Manchester note it’s “almost one million times thinner than a human hair.”

“It is not only the thinnest material in the world,” says the New York Times, “but also the strongest: a sheet of it stretched over a coffee cup could support the weight of a truck bearing down on a pencil point.” 

Bloomberg adds: “Lighter than a feather, stronger than steel, a superior electrical conductor to copper: According to its champions, graphene could unlock a new era of super energy-efficient gadgets, cheap quick-charge batteries, wafer-thin flexible touchscreen computing, and a sturdier light-weight automobile chassis.”

Bottom line: Graphene has the potential to completely revolutionize entire industries, creating bendable phones and touch screens… tiny self-powered oil and gas sensors… even synthetic blood that can be used in any person on the planet.

Incredible, isn’t it?
And because of its possible future applications in technology, it has been generating significant buzz among scientists worldwide since its discovery.

Strategic metal experts are already calling graphene the “… most important substance created since synthetic plastic a century ago!”

It’s no wonder the two Russian scientists who discovered it were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics — as well as knighthoods.

“Graphene doesn’t just have one application,” says Andre Geim, the Russian scientist who made the find along with Konstantin Novoselov.
“It is not even one material. It is a huge range of materials. A good comparison would be to how plastics are used.”

I’d say plastics is a conservativecomparison. Graphene has far more high-tech uses than plastic — and is poised to be much more lucrative…
Scientists are hailing it as a miracle cure for industries ranging from fiber optic data transmission to nuclear energy to lithium-ion batteries.
 Since graphene has a high strength-to-weight ratio, it’s the perfect material for use in automobiles, rockets, boats, turbine blades, airplanes, and more.
Take a look at what hundreds of researchers, companies, and governments are already doing with the strongest, thinnest, most conductive material ever discovered:
Engineers at Northwestern University have a made a graphene electrode that allows lithium-ion batteries to store 10 times as much power and charge 10 times faster.

MIT Engineering Professor Jeffrey Grossman believes solar cells made from graphene could produce 10,000 times more energy from a given amount of carbon than fossil fuels.

University of Manchester researchers have created a device that “could help detect the presence of drugs or toxins in the body or dramatically improve airport security.”

According to the Daily Mail: “A graphene credit card could store as much information as today’s computers,” and that “will lead to gadgets that make the iPhone and Kindle seem like toys from the age of steam trains.”
 The BBC says: “It could spell the end for silicon and change the future of computers and other devices forever.”
Amazingly, the Israeli Army is even using the material to make invisible missiles.
Fact is graphene makes:
Solar — 50x-100x more efficient

Semiconductors — 50x-100x faster

Aircraft — 70% lighter

The applications for this “wonder material” appear endless.

This Super Material “Will Change the World.” —Huffington Post

I’m extremely bullish on graphene’s future prospects, and so is one of the men who discovered it, Nobel recipient Konstantin Novoselov:
“I don’t think it has been over-hyped… It has attracted a lot of attention because it is so simple — it is the thinnest possible matter — and yet it has so many unique properties. There are hundreds of properties which are unique or superior to other materials. Because it is only one atom thick it is quite transparent — not many materials that can conduct electricity are transparent.”

And speaking of transparent, scientists at the University of Texas, Dallas have made a graphene invisibility cloak by heating up a sheet of the material with electrical stimulation.
Again, this isn’t science fiction. This is happening right now. Novoselov says, “It’s a big claim, but it’s not bold. That’s exactly why there are so many researchers working on it.”

So many, indeed: Over 200 companies are pursuing graphene opportunities, and it’s been the subject of thousands of peer-reviewed research papers.

Just recently, Bloomberg reported: “University-led research projects to investigate graphene won $1.35 billion in European Union funding.”That’s a true testament of faith in this “wonder material.”

“Analysts say the first graphene-intensive products should come to market within 18 months,” says Businessweek, “with IBM, Samsung, and Nokia among those racing to be first.”

And now the global race is on — with a huge increase in patents filed to claim rights over different aspects of graphene…

The BBC reports: “A surge in research into the novel material graphene reveals an intensifying global contest to lead a potential industrial revolution.”


Graphite’s “Rare Earth” Moment
There are two ways to make graphen. 
One is done in a lab, similiar to how solar cells are made, with a process called chemical vapor deposition. Most of today’s graphene is made this way. It’s ultra-pure and the process can be easily controlled. 

But it’s expensive and often cost-prohibitive. 
The lower cost way to make graphene is by using natually occurring graphite. This market is developing now and will be much larger than the synthetic graphene market because it can be used in high-volume consumer electronics.

Yet only a few companies around the world have access to mineral graphite, which is the resource required to make graphene…

And up to this point, China has had a tight grip on the worldwide graphite supply, controlling over 70% of it.

Like it did with rare earths, China is has limited graphite exports with quotas — imposing a 20% export tariff and a 17% value added tax (VAT), causing graphite prices to rise. What’s more, due to environmental concerns, China has ordered restrictions on any further graphite mines in two of its largest graphite-producing regions.
All this has set the stage for non-Chinese based production to come online…

Leaving the door open for graphite mining operations in other parts of the globe as most of the world’s major economies perceive the mineral as being necessary for technological and industrial progression.

“China has a stranglehold on natural graphite supply,” says Simon Moores of Industrial Minerals. “This, together with a generation of under-investment in mines around the world, is creating a very tight supply situation.”

Already, Future Markets, Inc. reports a 4,000% increase in demand for graphene-based materials…
Which could send graphite prices higher as demand for this mineral starts outpacing supply as is forecast.

That’s why graphite has been named a “supply critical mineral” and a “strategic mineral” by the United States and the European Union.
This created sort of a “graphite bubble” from 2010-2013, when prices for large flake graphite tripled, from just under $1,000 per metric ton to over $2,700. 

All of a sudden there were graphite companies coming out of the wood work, just like there were new rare earth companies during the rare earth boom. 

But what most failed to realize is that graphite is a relatively tiny market in terms of both amount of graphite used and its cost. The world uses about 1.1 million metric tonnes of graphite annually at a value of around $1.1 billion. The synthetic market is worth about $13 billion annually.

In size terms, that’s much smaller than zinc or nickel or aluminum. And it dollar terms, the annual market for cobalt at $3.5 billion is three times larger than for natural graphite. The zinc market, at $26B is 26X larger than the graphite market.

As the world realized it didn’t need ten new graphite mines to come online, but more likely one or two, prices started come back to earth. 
Graphite prices have now gone full circle inside of seven years. 
A lot of “would be” graphite miners have gone by the wayside as well. And now that the graphene and graphite markets have passed “mania stage,” there are a few ways to invest in it.

We’ve all seen what the commodity supercycle has done to copper, gold, and many other resources.
Copper traded between $0.50 and $1.00 per pound for decades. And then, because of the commodity supercycle, it went over $4.00. Same with gold. It used to sell for between $250 and $500 per ounce. It went over $1,800 in 2011. That isn’t inflation. That’s the commodity supercycle. Many things have caused this change, the big one being China, with India soon to follow.

And in the mining industry, the deposits we’ve lived off for years have been the big, low-cost, easy-to-find mines. Just like with oil.
But those mines are all getting deeper and older, so costs are increasing. Engineering and environmental standards have gone up and there’s been capital and cost inflation.

So gold can’t go back to $400 per ounce. And copper can’t go back to $1.00 per pound. Graphite has been one of the last minerals to respond to this commodity supercycle. And the reason for that is there was excess production capacity from China.
There is still plenty production in China, which accounts for 75% of the world’s graphite production. But it’s that very monopoly that has governments and investors looking for quality non-Chinese graphite supply.
Graphene & Graphite Investment Checklist
The first thing you should look for in a graphite investment is that it isn’t being promoted. That is, make sure the article or report where you’re getting your information is being paid for by a graphite company. Outsider Club never takes money or other payments to write about a company. 

Second, you’ll want to verify not only that the company you’re looking at has a graphite deposit and mining plan that is economic at today’s prices… but that it has someone to sell the graphite to. 

Graphite isn’t sold on an exchange like copper or gold, so a company must secure “offtake agreements,” in which they secure a buyer for their mined graphite.

From there, many basic mining due diligence questions apply:
What are the capital costs of the graphite project?

What is the expected production rate?

What are the operating costs?

What is the strategy to make and sell High Purity graphite?

One company where we suggest you start your search is Flinders Resources (TSX-V: FDR)(OTC: FLNXF). 
To your wealth, 
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