My best Thanksgiving gift

Today I got the nicest Thanksgiving card I ever got. From who you ask?

Of all people Uber.

I want to share it to all my friends to show them with all the controversy that is going on they really and sincerity to care about there drivers.

I will post this in my next blog. As today I’m feeling still under the weather, and have been that way since I got caught I The 3 day rain storm.

Thanks for following my blog , if not please do for some very informed information on crypto currencies.

Also how to explain them to friends and family.


Author: ralstonschinavisions

I am a person that loves technology, got my first computer in the early 1970's it was a Timex. I used it to print labels to invite people to come see me perform ,I put names on postcards and mailed them out. The one main lesson I learned over the years was that "it's not what you know , or who you know but ITS WHO KNOWS YOU! You must put your name or brand on everything you have and send out. So with that said all the years passed and I continued to put my name RALSTON on items. Now you can do the same let me help you to label your products or services. Go to Http:// And see all the items you can lable with you name or brand. Thanks for reading this. Like me on Facebook follow me on Twitter @flipcameraman #chinavisions Thank you.

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