WholeFoods to open Sept 15 along with 1818 bar and restaurant. 

Living in Amherst New York has been a real experience as I was located between two big plazas. 

South of me was University Plaza and north of me was Northtown plaza. Thinking way back when I was just a small boy,we use to wait for winter and take cardboard boxes and slide down the back of the steep hill to the rear of University Plaza. 

Northtown was at the end of my street headed north and had a lot of big Department stores and a pharmacy. One of the stores was Hangers  but over time it kept being vacant. Another one was GoldMasters  and my friend Gene. One day as I went to visit he said we have to move soon  as the plaza was just purchased by Wholefoods. That was the first time I ever heard that name, I was familer with Tops, Wegmans, and later Walmart.

So as you might know I love photography and recently video , with my first hand I camera that would plug into my computer. I had been exposed to cameras from a very early age , as my Dad loved photography and later videos then called movies. He would follow me around from venue to venue and movie me and my performances. From the Mansion House Peppermint Lounge to Glen Park and assorted , he would capture my performances, when I was know as Gerry Gee and the Travelers. This video as they changed it from film to VHS to compac dis and now loaded to computer and seen on YouTube. It can be seen at http://youtube.com/gerrygeechanel. Note I’m not the puppet Gerry gee but a real live singer , haha 

Now back to my blog, as I said after all the influence my dad had on me with what is now called Multi Media. I was adicted to video. My first one like I said with easy access to link it up was called, a flip camera. Small but mighty powerful and easy to use and load to you tube with a USB connection. Then CD my great friend got me a Zoom  1080 p camera for some gift. 

Now I started into the professional catagory , but it was quality but compact. So when they started to tear Down the Northtown plaza , I stated to capture it on video. So that was my first experience with Whole Foods as it started to surface. 

(More) soon

I will cover its opening this Sat Sept 15 th 


Author: ralstonschinavisions

I am a person that loves technology, got my first computer in the early 1970's it was a Timex. I used it to print labels to invite people to come see me perform ,I put names on postcards and mailed them out. The one main lesson I learned over the years was that "it's not what you know , or who you know but ITS WHO KNOWS YOU! You must put your name or brand on everything you have and send out. So with that said all the years passed and I continued to put my name RALSTON on items. Now you can do the same let me help you to label your products or services. Go to Http://ralstononlineservices.com. And see all the items you can lable with you name or brand. Thanks for reading this. Like me on Facebook follow me on Twitter @flipcameraman #chinavisions Thank you.

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