Man rescued birds from Offer Up

Man rescued birds from Offer Up, and you will love this blog. I have been posting things on a social media app called #OfferUp for about 6 months. Not just my stuff but trying to help neighbors that had a couch and a few statues. I was looking and not thinking , what can I post to get a few extra dollars. A friend said  look around and see what you dont need anymore, post them. Without thinking I said I’ll try to get rid of things that take a daily update. That was when a Bird Bath that’s been out and all dirty from winter.

And I posted it for $35.00 figuring it’s worth that we paid close to $100 for it years ago. And I got responses  but no one ever came to pick it up and wanted it for 15 or even 10 dollars. In a conversation  with a new neighbor he said have you thought about the birds. How they clean up and refresh them selves and how when you have  bread you no longer want you can put a plate and feed them. He then reached in his wallet and took out crisp $10.00 bill and said”I’m buying this for all the birds in the World” you just keep water in it and stale bread. When He did that I had to post a blog about it.

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Well I have decided to upgrade my blog. I have been since the first time I started to feed the  birds, just a few don’t know where they stay so close. As soon as I go outside with bread and water  it seems that bird large and small come to the golden birdbath. I will try to photograph some of there meetings as I watch them eat. 

Well it’s so much fun watching them

I have never been a bird watcher  but I’m going to start to video them. If you would like to follow there adventures let me know I’ll send you the videos I shoot. 

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