Charity. Starts at home


Charity starts at home !

Well here I am blogging and now it’s getting more personal. First let me tell you oil quick story.  Searching to learn about new social networks I spotted a program called Skype. And 3 years ago a girl came on an said she was an orphan. Lost her mom and dad in car crash and while living with her grandmother , she got ill and just before padding away said to her , go find a man on the web and take  this gift with you an start a new life  helping others  At that time she never explained what the gift was.

Later over the years it ended up to be should I say 25 kt and circumstances  over the years and a lot of funding , finally changed from gold to cash. she was going to purchase as coco farm from a man she called. UncleGeorge who was the director of farming In Ghana He worked very hard set her up with a lawyer  who contacted a gold buyer and all her inheritance  was cashed. that was when I entered the arena. Again I’m cutting lots of this story in small parts as I fount have lots of room.  Now even with my advice  and lots of prayers  she insisted in putting the whole inheritance of 25kt in my nam. I have never experienced anything like what’s happening.  As soon as she did  a business of Ghana government  titled WAMF  as soon as the money was transfered to my account, they. Put a freeze on it. So now she rich but can have access to her inheritance. So uncle George went to a coil ple  for friends  started to raise the money  he started to get sick and over  f1 year  was down a few  Tim a vey I’ll.  The Buyer Larryb cane in town and offered the 5-15 thousand. But either wayn

They had to come up with 5000 more then his to total the 30,000  but as all  things must end good. For his last minutes they could not get the 5,000 that when I started to read about  Go fund me  and we then only needEd  5,00o  more and last minute he jumped ship now we need  20 thousand. As they got pledges in big 8,000 and 2,000 so now we’re back to jup onev  do read what they road. And see, you soon.

today is another day and good and bad things start to happen, not going into details. Well the Go Fund me was put in place and started to show views, but no donations yet. That’s when dought starts to arrive, is this going to work? And am I waisting my time. Well that’s when I looked back to all the people it has helped overcome their financial dificulty.

I was about to publish when I started to think what will my friends in social media think about this? I guess it’s like the first time I posted a photo of myself on Facebook or Twitter. At first the though was I could have taken a better picture, or   This I’d not the right lighting and all other questions in my mind , it’s called fear of the unknown. What I learned when I first decided to post a blog , was write it even if it’s not perfect then push the button that says Publish. There now it’s out there and you might have lots of errors or mistakes but Great you did it.

Now back to my post about Nancy George and the coco farm and money tied up through government santations.

Nowthe site blog post is called   http://www.ralstonschinavisions.wordpress.irgsons

so what am I reading about Go fund me? Well is all about understanding a blog post  and how it can help you it’s reader get a better deal on a product on line or helping someone in need. Bringing yo back to the title   charity stats at home.

Watch for my next post, they will only get Better




Author: ralstonschinavisions

I am a person that loves technology, got my first computer in the early 1970's it was a Timex. I used it to print labels to invite people to come see me perform ,I put names on postcards and mailed them out. The one main lesson I learned over the years was that "it's not what you know , or who you know but ITS WHO KNOWS YOU! You must put your name or brand on everything you have and send out. So with that said all the years passed and I continued to put my name RALSTON on items. Now you can do the same let me help you to label your products or services. Go to Http:// And see all the items you can lable with you name or brand. Thanks for reading this. Like me on Facebook follow me on Twitter @flipcameraman #chinavisions Thank you.

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