It’s all about you

When I first started in all this I was trying to have a way to meet new friends on social media. It was Called MySpace I think but later started to have many names as people started to create new things called apps. thousands it said on ads I saw on tv about IPhone , so I decided to get one  that turned out to be like a mini computer.

Below you can see my experiences with computers since my first called a Timex. It’s somewhere on this blog, well I have been active in b publishing since 1980,s.  I first did an 8/12 by 11 flyer and then sold ads on it called thePEOPLE to PEOPLE SHUTTLE.

I will tell you more later in my blog , so now I have Family Business to take care of.



Author: ralstonschinavisions

I am a person that loves technology, got my first computer in the early 1970's it was a Timex. I used it to print labels to invite people to come see me perform ,I put names on postcards and mailed them out. The one main lesson I learned over the years was that "it's not what you know , or who you know but ITS WHO KNOWS YOU! You must put your name or brand on everything you have and send out. So with that said all the years passed and I continued to put my name RALSTON on items. Now you can do the same let me help you to label your products or services. Go to Http:// And see all the items you can lable with you name or brand. Thanks for reading this. Like me on Facebook follow me on Twitter @flipcameraman #chinavisions Thank you.

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